Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sooo excited!!

Tonight I'm going to the airport to fly overnight to Atlanta, spend 2 hours at the airport and then!! And then! I'm flying to Pennsylvania to drive cross country with my sister and my pug niece and nephews! My sisters husband is going to be stuck in Hawaii for who knows how long (he's a marine) and she decided she wanted to be closer to her family (she was living with her in-laws). So! Yep.. we're driving from Pennsylvania to Oregon! In hopefully 3 days. My mom arranged her days off so that she'd have 4 days off in a row to watch Lyla. I've never been away from both Adam and Lyla at the same time though so that'll be weird. I'm going to take lots of pics so be on the lookout for a post about the trip!



  1. That will be awesome! how fun and exciting. travel safe.

  2. How exciting! You will miss them like crazy but I bet you love the you time. Be safe! And if you are coming through Utah be careful it is a blizzard here and isn't suppose to stop for a few days.

  3. HOW FUN! I look forward to seeing pics! My husband took this trip a year ago to work on wind turbines! I wish I could have went with him!

  4. We will be driving through Utah probably late saturday night, early sunday morning.. just to salt lake city and then we head north. the forecast for that area, doesn't show snow as of right now! I'm so excited and so thankful that you are able to do this with me, and for mom for watching Lyla for you/us!

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