Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Ten- Roadtrip Purse!

I got back from my road trip yesterday at about 2 and I'm still soooo exhausted but I wanted to link up for this weeks Tuesday Ten.. And the first themed one! The theme for this week is what's in your purse. Sorry I didn't get any pictures!

1. My pretty green watch that my mother in law gave me for Christmas.
I wore it a month ago, put it in my purse and never took it out.
2. Burts Bees chapstick.
3. My wallet.
4. The cute little clutch I won from {whimsy lane}.
5. Sunglasses.
6. Lots and lots of receipts. I usually go through my purse once a week and get rid of them.
7. Makeup (I usually don't have it in my purse but I put it in there for my trip, I ended up only putting it on one day!!
8. Lots of change in the bottom.
9. Hair clips/bobby pins.
10. My kindle.



  1. Thanks for linking up!
    Now go back to bed and get some rest! ;)

  2. So glad your b.ack! Can't wait to hear more about your trip

  3. I hope your trip was a blast! Did you get through the Hunger Games?

  4. I too put things in my bag and it stays there. It's a place to collect things really. I always have coins on the bottom of my bag and every compartment except for where it belongs. lol. Thanks for linking up!