Friday, April 20, 2012

Send Something Good

I'm participating in the Send Something Good Project with Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn and Kristy! And I think it sounds super fun! I'm writing this post to link up so that maybe the person who got me in the swap can learn a little about me.

So here is my list of 10 things about me:

1. I love nail polish!
2. Passion Tea Lemonade from Sbux is my favorite drink right now.
3. I love the outdoors.
4. Love to read.
5. My favorite colors are bright pink, black and gray.
6. I'm 15 weeks pregnant.
7. Choooccoooollaaatte
8. Pretty smelling lotions
9. My little girl, my horse of a bulldog and my hubby.
10. And I love anything pretty!!!

I hope this list helps my seeecreeet partner!! Now I must be off to get the little ready for her ballet class! Have a stupendous day!



  1. i like pretty smelling lotions too. though i tend to be a bit particular - i like my vanilla :)

    glad you're participating in Send Something Good - talk to you soon!

  2. PTL is da bomb!! Have you ever had it with the raspberry syrup instead of the original? Ask for it next time. sooo good.

    smelly lotions? Girrrl, you gotta check out my posh stuff. Its amazing and all natural ingredients. ;-)

  3. mmmm chocolate, now i am craving some! hahaha! ;-)

  4. Easter ruined me... now every time I read chocolate I want Cadbury mini eggs... PLEASE!


  5. "chhhooooocollaaaaate"

    i feel ya.

  6. Oh fun! Do you know what you're having yet? :D

  7. i got my package the other day, i am so sorry i am just now commenting... but THANK YOU!! it was so fun to get in the mail and i really appreciate everything. the furbaby is really enjoying his toys, too!

    congrats on your pregnancy, do you know if its a boy or girl yet??