Friday, June 29, 2012

Some Honesty..

So I'm going to pour my heart out a little today.. I feel like ugh.. A bad blogger, a bad wife. Just all around kinda crappy this pregnancy.  I'm absolutely exhausted every day. I get like no sleep because I'm sooo uncomfortable at night. It takes everything in me to clean the house and honestly it's usually a bit half assed.

I have a hard time going to the store (especially if I have to take Lyla) because I got hot and dizzy and just don't feel right, like I'm going to pass out. The dr thinks I have a blood flow issue, which could be right because my hands and legs and feet fall asleep really easily. Oh and I have carpal tunnel.. Yeah, thats fun!

It's not all bad though! I love feeling him wiggling, kicking and punching. He's quite an active boy. I've gotten his room pretty much all cleared out and I'm just waiting for hubby to paint so I can start bringing the baby stuff from my parents house and getting his room set up. I've decided to do his room in blue and brown and decorate it in the racing theme. I've been able to find some cute stuff on etsy that I'd like to use on his wall.

That's enough whining for today I think! TGIF! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. hang in there momma!!! <3
    love the colors blue and brown! i bet it will look so cute when it's done!

  2. I feel ya. I have been so tired and having a hard time sleeping at night too. Pregnancy can be rough.

  3. I'm sorry. Pregnancy really does take a toll on us. Hang in there. :) Don't worry so much about other things.

  4. You are a great person! Don't get down, growing a baby and taking care of a toddler is HARD WORK. Things will get better =)