Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last weeks recap

Last week was a crappy weather week.. Well the last month has been kind of crappy but according to the weather channel app it's supposed to get nice so hopefully Lyla and I can start doing the fun stuff on our Summertime Bucket List! But here's a look into what we did last week!

I let Lyla do my make up! She's wonderful huh? She's available for weddings, proms, etc. She also did a little water color painting in some pajamas that are waaay to small.

We watched a little cartoons inside our laundry basket and fell asleep in our pegasus costume.

We had a little party for our stuffies and someone drew all over herself and some places at grandma and grandpa's and made mommy have a little melt down.  

And the baby is now 25 weeks in utero! We're almost into the 3rd trimester!

 As you can see the life of a stay at home mom is never dull! haha.. But I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!



  1. Your baby belly is too cute.

  2. HAHA when I saw that first picture I thought you had gotten seriously hurt! Glad it's just make up!! And congrats on your pregnancy!!! I wish I was so close, haha!

  3. Your daughter is a total artist! Can't wait to see the amazing projects the two of you come up with as she gets older.

  4. haha love the make up picture.

    grow baby, grow!