Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a pretty eventful 4th of July!!

We started the day with me, my sister and Lyla going to my husbands work so he could put some new axles in her car.. (What doesn't everyone use a forklift to lift the car??) On our way back to my house the car started acting weird so we quickly pulled over and waited a half hour for my husband and our friend Mike to get there.. While we waited not one person stopped to make sure everything was ok!!! Luckily it was just one of the axles had popped out and they were able to pop it back in.
The plan for the holiday was to go to my inlaws for the day.. We hung around there while my husband worked on the race car, Lyla played and I read my book and talked to my mother in law.. Lyla played a little fishing game with grandpa and after dinner and dessert we decided to talk the dogs for a walk. So 4 dogs, 4 adults and 4 kids went on a walk.. Worst walk EVER!!! Some kids down the street lit fireworks when we were right next to them!! So all the dogs freaked, which made them totally anxious the whole walk!!
After the walk we got all the chairs from out back and got everyone situated to walk the fireworks. Lyla got to do some sparklers for the first time. She loved them! (That was the best pic of her "waiting" that I got!)
When it got dark we let my niece Carissa start lighting some of the little (legal) fireworks that my in laws bought.. And the neighbors down the street always go all out so we got to see some pretty neat (illegal) ones too. Adam thinks they spend a couple thousand dollars on fireworks every year!! Pretty crazy!

We left there at about 10:30 and Lyla passed out in the car, didn't even wake up when I got her out of the car! And lucky me, she slept until 8 this morning!

I hope everyone had a great 4th and has an even better upcoming weekend!



  1. i'm so sorry y'all had car trouble :( i hate it when that happens!

    - lauren

  2. Poor doggies! This was the first year that the fireworks seemed to bother our dog. Last few years he seemed to have cared less but he was up pacing last night. :(

    and once again, I am sorry you had car trouble and no one stopped to help. :(

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun Fourth! Aside of the car trouble :( I love the photo of your daughter "waiting", so adorable!

  4. ugh to car troubles!! :( looks like a good fourth though!! LOVE the pic of lyla waiting to do sparklers!!

  5. I hate car trouble! Nice fireworks pics. Mine never turn out.