Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

We have a very busy day tomorrow! We go to my grandparents house around noon, where all my dads family is (and never get to eat there because the food is never done when it's supposed to be). Leave there around 3 to go to Adam's parents house. I'd love to host it at my house sometime so everyone can come to our house instead of us driving so much! Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays that I feel we HAVE to spend time with both families.

How do you spend your holiday? What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?



  1. Thanksgiving is one holiday where I really feel like we can relax a bit because we chose to just spend it with one side that we only see two or three times a year. I always feel a tad guilty but our other sides have started celebrating the weekend after so it is nice. :)

  2. I cant wait for stuffing!
    My kids are with Mondo til Sat. I didnt want him to feel like I was taking them away from him... So Im going to my aunts in Sandy and then ill stay the night once the rest of the family leaves. Trying to make the best of it.. blah..