Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's on my mind.. And my heart..

I thought it'd be fun to link up with my sweet friend Kera over at Nugget on a Budget for her "on my mind" link up!

Right now what's on my mind is my son and his weight gain. He's had a rough start and hasn't been gaining weight like he's supposed to so we've been having to go back to the doctor every two weeks for weight checks. We also met with a lactation consultant last week and he had gained over an ounce a day in that week which is amazing! We also have an appointment with the doctor today to check him again and I'm praying that he's continued on that path and that last week wasn't just a fluke. 

Smiling and talking to the wall..
And what's on my heart.. Sibling love and their relationship. Lyla loves her little brother so much and I'm pretty sure by the big smiles he gets when she's around that he loves her too. But will it always be like this? Will they always have such an unconditional love for each other? I'm hoping by having a 4 year age gap that she'll always kind of be more "mature" and never  rarely have that annoyance of him that older siblings sometimes have. My sister and I are only about 2 years apart and until high school we did everything together. In high school is when our relationship wasn't the greatest but it got better and now I consider her one of my best friends. I just really hope that they're always close and always there for each other.

I laid him on the bed to go to the bathroom and came back to this.. And she said "Look mommy, we're best friends" And then my heart exploded!

What's on your heart and mind?

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  1. That is too sweet! This is one thing that is always on my mind when I contemplate having another child.

  2. Don't you just live for those sweet little moments between your kids? Wait till they get a little bit older. :)

  3. so sweet!! alex was so loving towards owen when he was a baby. it melted my heart. and now other than a few sibling fights, they get along. :)

  4. OH Jenn this melted my heart. Those two are so adorable together in these photos. I can't imagine in person. Thats how Riah was when Emery was born even though she was so tiny as well. They fight and of course its always Emery's fault LOL and Riah runs away crying. But then theres times like almost every bedtime that they play so great together and laugh together and they take care of each other. It really is something :)

  5. That last picture - so adorable!!

  6. This is the sweetest thing ever. I can't wait to give Cooper a sibling, I think it is one of the best things us parents can do for our littles!