Saturday, January 5, 2013

3 Months

Oh boy.. Buck you're 3 months old today. You have brought our family so much joy! Everyone just loves you to pieces. Most days you sleep pretty well, especially in your swing and cuddled with mama at night. I think we'll wait a few more months to try to transition you to your crib at night. You had a little trouble gaining weight in the first month and a half but you're catching up! You even have some little rolls! I wish I had a baby scale to weigh you whenever I wanted. You only started wearing size 0-3 stuff about 2 weeks ago and size 2 diapers.

Mid sneeze
 You don't really like tummy time but we make you do it anyway. You do love the toys that hang down on your car seat! When you see that little elephant you get so excited. You smile so big and so much.. And you have a dimple in your right cheek. I really hope you grow out of the scratching thing you do when you're tired or really gassy! Your head and face are looking like you got in a fight with a cat! Your eyes are still blue and we're very curious to see if they stay that color. I can not wait to see what you learn in the next month!
Couldn't get him to smile..
Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. He is so cute, and he looks so serious in the last picture. :)

  2. He's adorable, I love that he is chunking up for you now.