Monday, April 22, 2013


Since Buck will be 1 and Lyla will be 5 this year I want to have really awesome parties for them both! I feel like I need to start prepping for them now so they can be perfect! It also won't seem like so much money if I buy things through out the year! Hah! Plus, it gives me time to find things on clearance or on sale. Thanks to Pinterest I have sooooo many ideas! 

 For Buck I want to do a Mickey Mouse party!

And Lyla wants to have a Little Mermaid/Ariel party

I'm pretty excited about the things I've been planning for these parties! Do you have any creative ideas?



  1. I've started planning Colton's party too - we think alike! Walmart has some great $1 party platters, trays and bowls right now in the summer section. All different colors too!

  2. I'm not creative at all but these sounds like such wonderful themes! :)