Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I don't have a lot of time for baking (well cooking at all, I start making dinner at 3 some days just so I know I have enough time).. But last week I decided I really wanted cookies so I put Buck on my back in the ergo and looked through my desserts board on Pinterest and decided to make some chewy brown sugar, coconut oatmeal cookies! And holy they were good!! So good that I didn't get to take pictures of them but I just knew I had to share how good they were. The recipe also made quite a few so I was able to give some to friends and family! I have so many recipes pinned that I really want to try.. Maybe someday I'll get the chance.

So here's the link, now go make them and come tell me how much you love them.



  1. Ooo I will be trying these :)

  2. those sound delicious! and now i am craving cookies ;)