Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's in a middle name??

My middle name is Lee.. So, Jennifer Lee.. Want to know why? Because my mom wanted me to be a country singer! Forget that I don't have a country accent and we're from Oregon though! Crazy lady was obsessed with Patsy Cline.

Lyla's middle name is Cynthia. I chose her middle name because it's my sisters name. She's one of my best friends and a very important part of my life and Lyla's so to me and hopefully Lyla it's pretty special.

And Buck's (Philip) middle name is Richard. When my husband was growing up he and his dad had a good friend, Rick. About 6 years ago, around Thanksgiving, they were all out in the boat fishing when their boat overturned. They were in the freezing water for 45+ minutes and Rick ended up drowning. We also believe that since that day Rick has been watching over Adam and now our family so we knew we had to name him Philip (after father in law) Richard.

What's your middle name? Does it have any special meaning?


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  1. I love your middle name! :)

  2. My middle name is Sue. I hate it ...I have no idea why my parents picked such a country name LOL but it's alright... it could be worse!!!