Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Okay..

I decided this week I would link up with the super sweet Kera for her weekly "It's Okay" link up! So here goes!

It's okay that I'm not liking cloth diapering today, the washing process can be a big pain in the butt!
I think the cuteness (and money saved) makes up for the washing!

It's okay that I'm super excited that Lyla is out of school for the week and we don't have to make the short (15 min) commute to school all week! It's kinda a pain with 2 kids! Thank god for babywearing!

It's okay that I'm feeling super anxious about Christmas/Lyla's birthday!

It's okay that I started planning Lyla's party last month!

It's okay to have major baby fever right now since my BFF just had her adorable baby girl yesterday!

It's okay that I've been buying A LOT of books for my kids lately. Especially holiday themed ones.
I had no idea that when I ordered this it was so small! A book isn't something I'd think I need to check the dimensions on!

Nugget On A Budget



  1. Thanks for linking up Jenn! I'm glad that you did :) I've been buying a whole lot of books lately too...and my Instagram shopping addiction isn't helping any. Especially since I want to have a new book each day to read with the girls as a "count down to Christmas" type of thing. I'm feeling anxious about Christmas and planning baby E's baptism. I haven't even sent out formal invites yet {or created my Christmas cards for that matter!}

  2. Oh my!! Itty bitty books...I need to start buying some for Christmas presents!