Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Buck Wore

I love love love little boys in flannels and jeans. I think it's so cute! And since it's been pretty chilly out I decided that's what Buck would wear when we went out to his doctor appointment. 

Photo bombed by the dog on a princess couch

He's not as easy to do little photo shoots with anymore.

Hat- DC bought on
shirt- Carhartt bought on Instagram
pants- Genuine Kids bought from Target I believe
shoes- Robeez bought from a local boutique

Linking up with Holly from Our Holly Days  for her Sartorial Kids Wednesday! Hope you all have a great Wednesday and a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.



  1. He is looking like such a little man now! Where has the time gone. I think he looks totally spiffy in those flannels. And the first photo of the dog on the couch is too funny

  2. What a cutie! I love his outfit! Especially that little hat!

  3. Love his shirt! I'm all about the little man look.

  4. Love that outfit, he's getting SO BIG!

  5. what a cutie!
    hahaa the dog photobomb is classic (:

  6. Aww , your little one is so adorable!