Monday, December 9, 2013

Handmade Christmas

I have decided to start purchasing a few things for the kids every year that are handmade. So far I bought Lyla some headbands and hair ties and I'm still looking for something for Buck. But I also want to make them things. I have a few ideas for things I'd like to make and hopefully I have time. So far I've made a doll sleeping bag for Lyla. It didn't turn out to bad but I think I need to start learning how to follow a pattern!

Please excuse the mess on my kitchen table/crafting area!

I think I'm going to start on a blanket for Buck and a pillowcase for Lyla. Are you making any Christmas gifts this year?

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  1. This is so cute I love it! :)

  2. I'd have loved a doll sleeping bag when I was a kid! :)