Friday, December 6, 2013

Week one with our Elf!

This is our first year to have an elf staying with us for the holidays and we're very excited about it! He came to us the day after Thanksgiving and had a special breakfast of elf sized pancakes with "snow" on them and bacon. Lyla thought it was pretty neat! I kept telling her we were going to have a special visitor and she was so shocked to see him sitting on the table when she came out! His name is Christopher and according to his book he's just about the same age as her!

This is when Lyla first discovered him.
Silly Christopher was laying on the top of the "blands" Monday morning!

And he must've tried to get down when we were at the store!

Found him in the fridge Tuesday morning drinking a Capri Sun!
I got really sick Tuesday afternoon and totally forgot about Christopher until late Thursday night!

He left some hot chocolate and marshmallows with a note saying to have a cocoa party before school! And had a buddy join him!

I'm really enjoying this and Lyla is at such a fun age for this! I told her that her friend Gracie has an elf at her house too and she wants to invite him to her birthday party! Do you have an elf visiting you? Do you have any fun ideas for Christopher?

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  1. So fun! I like that you aren't doing the typical Elf on a Shelf brand - he looks a little creepy...Pinterest has SO MANY great ideas. These sites have some really cute ones!

  2. SUPER CUTE! I always forget to move ours! lol