Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My crunchy transition! Part 1

When I was pregnant with Buck I discovered a blog that I really liked that featured the more "crunchy" side of living and as I read more and more, I loved it more and more! The first thing I decided I just *had* to do was cloth diaper! Those things are not cheap so I knew I had to start searching and researching them right away! Don't get me wrong though, you can find some great deals and you only really need about 20ish. I bought a variety of them to try also. I think I spent around 150-200$ which definitely beats the average 2000$/year for 2-3years.

For us prefolds/covers don't work well because I need to be able to put them on quickly since my little man has always squirmed a lot for diaper changes. We tried AIO's (all in one) and maybe it was just the brand but they seemed to fit him weird. I also didn't like how long they take to dry either. For us, our favorites are pocket diapers, especially Sunbaby brand. We have tried a few of the more expensive ones like Bumgenious, etc. but I personally don't think they're any better. I also love almost all of Sunbaby's prints!

See! How cute are these!

For more info on each type of diaper and washing, etc check out this site.

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