Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 things on my 30th birthday

Yay!! I now have 50 followers!

So for my 30th birthday I'm going to share 30 things about me!
1. I love my little family.
2. I secretly hope that when I get pregnant we have a girl so we can try again for a boy.
3. I worry that if we do have a girl Adam will still say this is it, no more.
4. After Thanksgiving I would watch Christmas movies and shows 24/7 if my husband would let me!
5. I also am worried about getting pregnant again and the possibility of another miscarriage.
6. I miss my sister more than anything. I hate that she's on the opposite side of the country!
7. I tried to get my husband to do a proposal do over. It wasn't very romantic and not the best story.
3 Days old

8. When I was a kid my hair was reddish brown and I've dyed it from the time I was 17 until a year ago and my hair is permanently dark brown now.
9. I have semi bad psoriasis on my arms and I'm very self conscious about it.
10. I hated cheese until I was pregnant with Lyla. Now I like some cheeses but only on sandwiches, melted. And of course stuff like pizza, nachos, etc..
11. During the fall/winter I get sick really easily.
12. I pray that I live up to my husbands expectations of a wife..
13. I knew I wanted to marry my husband within a month of knowing him.
14. I would eat salad every day if I could.
15. My favorite colors are pink and gray.
16. I'm 1' 4" shorter than my husband.
17. I eat popcorn like 4 nights a week. (I know, bad for the figure!)
18. I hope when my kid/kids grow up they have great memories of their childhood.
19. I get dressed and put make up on most days of the week. Even if I'm not going anywhere. It just makes me feel good.
20. I loved the Twilight books and I'm dieing to see Breaking Dawn!
21. I rarely eat red meat. Mostly boneless skinless chicken breasts. (the bones gross me out)
22. I wanted to decorate for Christmas like 3 weeks ago but my husband said no! He's also being all paranoid about getting a tree this weekend. He thinks it'll get dry and burn the house down.
23. I'm addicted to reading other people's blogs.
24. I love my daughters curly hair. I prayed she'd have curly hair. But I HATE to brush it. It gets so knotted so easy.
My 1st birthday. My grandma made the cake.

25. I'm pretty crafty. It's one of my favorite things to do.
26. I wish I could buy a whole new wardrobe. I don't feel like mine is very adult, mommy stylish..
27.  The one thing I miss about my "before Lyla" life is being able to stay in bed all day if I felt like it.
28. I have no will power when it comes to chocolate caramel candy.
29. I loved taking history classes in school.
30. I started school to be a preschool teacher but never finished because I got pregnant with Lyla.. Dumb excuse.

I wish I had more pictures but they're at my parents house. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Pictures of my second Thanksgiving (that I did myself) will be up tomorrow.


  1. i put ur button up on my blog !hope thats ok!

  2. Happy Birthday friend :D I love Lylas hair too. Wish Riahs was curly! Maybe Bubbas?.. lol

  3. Happy Birthday, Jenn. I hope you have a great day. Just unplug your tree when you leave and at night..and keep it watered. You'll be good!

  4. I like reading posts like this because I feel like I get to know people more! I miss being able to lay in bed too!

  5. Happy Birthday! I say the same thing about the girl thing. I always tell everyone I want my next one to be a girl so that we will have to try again for a boy. I have always wanted 3 kids!