Friday, December 2, 2011

Instagram Friday

1. Lyla checking out the yard decorations from the kitchen window.
2. Our yard all decorated.
3. Our lit up church for the counter.
4. Out my front door @ 5am.
5. My birthday balloon.
6. The Poinsettia Adam got my for my birthday.
7. Turkey that the dog got.
8. Lyla and a neighborhood cat that was climbing all over us while I was putting lights on the porch railing.
9. Lyla building a "high tower" out of corn cans at the grocery store.

I'm getting this in a little late in the day. My daughter and I have been sick all week and we're getting a little but of cabin fever so we went out and did a little Christmas shopping! I'm almost done! Next year I plan to be most of the way done by Dec 1. I would try to be all done by then but we never get the nieces and nephew's Christmas lists very early.

Oh! And I have new "follow me" buttons over there <------ to the left!

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  1. The pic of your sweet girl looking out the window is precious. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I seriously need to jump on the photo bandwagon! That was my original idea when I started my blog. I've FAILED lately!!!! Sheesh. Love yours Jennifer! Well.... except for the nasty turkey thing. LOL Ummmmm ewwww!!!!

  3. Hi, I see you have come to my blog The Art of Autism. My Mom has a blog too. Hers is called Twelve Makes a Dozen, if you like to go to hers, just go to then you'll be able to see the fun things that she has been writing ever since January.

  4. looks busy!!love the one of lyla stacking the cans super cute!!

  5. loving these pics!!! tooooo cute. your family is precious! xoxox