Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap..

On Saturday we went and cut down our Christmas tree! It was fun..but Lyla didn't think so! It was pretty cold and she kept tripping.

Is this the perfect tree? hmm.. nope!

What about this one? Nope!

Following Daddy

Pretty frosty! It was in the low 30's. She had on thermal pants, pants, 2 pairs of socks, boots, long sleeve shirt, coat and hat.

Finally got her to put gloves on.

The Perfect Tree!!

She started getting very unhappy!

And the meltdown.
The tree out the back window driving down the road.

The finished product!
 I think all the tears and having to carry her was all worth it! I love this tree. Saturday we also had my little family party for my 30th birthday and my husband made me a really yummy german chocolate cake.

My mom is taking her vacation from work so Lyla went to spend a few nights over there. So on Sunday we went out to breakfast with Adam's parents, grandparents, nephew and nieces then went to work on the race car. We're getting pretty close to being done. Really exciting! I can't wait to hear it roar to life!

My mother in law got me a 75$ gift card to get a new dress (I've really been wanting a dress. I don't have any right now) so today I went shopping! I ended up getting more than a dress. I found some good deals! But it was lonely shopping without Lyla.

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  1. Looks like you got a pretty nice tree it looks great decorated!!

  2. Your tree is beautiful!! Perfect shape! We are still rockin the fake Christmas tree..
    Be blessed!!

  3. Great pictures! The tree looks beautiful all decorated!

  4. Y'alls tree is gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to have a real tree one day :)