Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New awesomesauce bed!

Lyla's bed was Adam's bed from when he was younger.. Which made it like 20 years old! It was pretty icky and uncomfortable. So we started looking around on craigslist for a new mattress and found the PERFECT (race car) bed! We showed it to her and asked if she liked it and she was so excited about it. So we called them and they would give it to us for 150$ (they wanted it for 175$). So off we went at 6:30pm to drive an hour to pick it up.

The bed was handmade from wood and painted yellow. We decided that we wanted to make it a little more girly so we stopped at Home Depot to get some paint. In her room the walls are lavender, her sheets are pink, her ceiling fan and table legs are watermelon pink. So we picked a purple that was just a shade darker than her walls. Went home and brought the frame for the bed inside to put together and painted. We were up until 11:30 painting it!

We got the bed all set up last night and she LOVES it. We're really hoping that she'll start sleeping in her bed all night. She's getting a little big to sleep in a queen sized bed with Adam and I. 

(Bad quality, Iphone pic)

Iphone pic also


  1. i love it! good pictures too, she looks so happy

  2. wow! i really respect parents who co-sleep with their kiddos. your love for your baby is so amazing.


  3. That bed is pretty cool. I love how you guys were able to make it match her bedroom.

  4. cool bed!! your newest follower :)

    xoxo - kylie


  5. Soooo cute! Looks great in her room. Wish I had had that bed when I was little! (or even now...)

  6. I always wanted one of these as a kid. I'm sure she's over the moon!