Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet our newest family member!

Meet "Derbil the Gerbil"!!

Around Christmas time Adam decided Lyla needed her own pet.. We looked around a little, he wanted to get a puppy but we decided that if we're going to try to have another baby we don't really need the hassles that come along with a puppy. We talked to the guy at the pet store and he suggested a guinea pig. I've heard that they smell and they squeal which is kinda annoying if we're going to put it in her room (she has enough sleeping issues). Next we thought about a hamster.. The hamsters we looked at were a little aggressive and I know they can bite so we talked to yet another guy at another pet store and he recommended a gerbil. He said they're pretty docile and friendly. We picked this pretty little brown female. Lyla was so excited and loves her! First thing in the morning she gets up and says "I wonder what Derbil is doing, I better go check!"

The whole way home from the pet store we were asking what she wanted to name her.. She just kept saying derbil (her way of saying gerbil) so we decided on Derbil the Gerbil!



  1. Thats cute. Reminds me of when I was a kid we had two hamsters which we named Ruffy and Tuffy. Our cats loved to sleep on top of their metal cages and the fleas would fall into their cage and attack the hamsters. Eventually Ruffy and Tuffy both died, assumably from flea bites. It was sad. But I didn't miss the constant sound of their wheel spinning at 12 am.

  2. That's sweet, my son needed a chore so we got 6 chickens! He has to feed them and get eggs. He does it some times but i need to remind him.

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  4. aww! cute!! growing up we had a couple of hamsters and a guinea pig. they were fun, but smelly and noisy too. haha! :)