Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hey there!

Hey! I took a little hiatus for my daughter's spring break. She got an extra day off because of school conferences, which went great! The teacher thinks she's doing really well, says she talks about her little brother all the time and that she wants her to start learning how to read!! 

For spring break we had all these plans for things we wanted to do, things outside. Well, this is Oregon so yeah, we had one nice day the whole week. We ended up going to the movies with friends one day to see The Muppets Most Wanted. The rest of the days were spent at home, crafting, watching Frozen and just playing. It was nice but I can't wait for better weather, play dates, hiking, vacations and FUN! 

How did you and your kids spend spring break?

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  1. Our spring break is next week. I haven't made any plans; we homeschool so honestly I'm just like "a week of freedom!" lol I'm sure she'll just spend the week playing with her cousins and going skating.